Help for Teams

Register Your Team

First, you have to register your team. Click the "New Team" link and fill in the details. Your email address is only used to enable the password reset function to work; you won't get spammed!

Create Your Robots

Go to the Robots page and click the "New Robot" button. Fill in the form ensuring you select the correct weight class, type etc. You can update the details of a robot by going to its page and clicking the "Update" button. Once a robot has competed in an event you cannot change many of the details but you can make a robot inactive and replace it with a new one.

Inactive robots remain in the database and in the results of past events but cannot be entered in new events.

Sign Up To Events

Note that Antlog treats each competition at a single meeting as an "Event". You should only sign up antweights to an AWS; fleas, nanos etc will be handled separately. Often they will just be handled on paper at the meeting.

Click the "Sign Up" button on the event page and select the robot that you wish to enter. Repeat for multiple robots as necessary. You can also delete any entries that will not make it to the event.

Keeping your entries correct really helps the event organiser on the day. Also ensure that you you sign up before the deadline given by the event organiser. Robots may be signed up on the day but it's much easier for everyone if everything is sorted out in advance.

At An Event

Please refer to the AntLog wiki