Antweight World Series 60 - Entrants

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Group 7
Solderburn V2Team BANANAPHONEOut
Wait For ItAsimov's LoopholeOut
BlanksyBlayze TechOut
Group 8
Push Comes to ShoveTeam TombOut
ArmamAnt!Team MG RoboticsOut
The Fursuit of HappynessTeam Siberian WarlordsOut
Dark Matter 6Sprocket RoboticsOut
FlippantTeam TermiteOut
See it. Say it. Saw-tedAsimov's LoopholeOut
SUN The New Robot Order (NRO)Out
Have You Tried Turning If Off And On AgainTeam Approximation RoboticsOut
RBMKTeam ZeroOut
P.O.W (plank of Wood)team crazy botsOut
One smart fellow and he felt smartTeam S-ROut
Jammin' Good with Weird and Flippy Team LimaOut
Maxi & MollyAnthony's Ant ArmyOut
EsperTeam RocketOut