Antweight World Series 60 - Entrants

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Group 3
SmackdownTeam FFOut
PsychopathyTeam AzurOut
the smothershipTeam S-ROut
Cannon FodderTeam PandaOut
VeorraTeam HopOut
Group 4
Try again, Flail again, Flail betterTeam AntiquarianOut
Angory TrackTeam AngoryOut
RecyclerAnthony's Ant ArmyOut
KaizoTeam BiscuitOut
StewieTeam HellOut
Wu Ben: Wu really thought a Wund’nt take this Wunderful chance to annoy Wu, Wu Wuold be Wuary Wurongteam forgotten godsOut
Here's JohnnyTeam LozOut
TorqueliftTrial and ImprovementOut
Epic FlailTeam PhyteOut
BoltTeam FFOut
Termite ClusterTeam TermiteOut
Percussive Maintenance 2: Tech Support BoogalooTeam Approximation RoboticsOut