Antweight World Series 58 (2019-06-29) Results

EventAntweight World Series 58
Showing 1-20 of 121 items.
Robot NameTeamPosition
RBMK (Walker)Team Zero1st
TriggerTeam Leo2nd
ValkyrieTeam Zero3rd
Bzwroink...Team Oink4th
No You Cannot Have My STL FilesTeam PanoramicJoint 5th
DominusTeam RocketJoint 5th
Anty ChristTeam BiscuitJoint 7th
Yoink!Team OinkJoint 7th
Anty HistamineTeam BiscuitJoint 9th
UnorthodoX (Walker)RobotMadJoint 9th
I Can't Believe It's Not StanleyTeam ShakeyJoint 9th
Doktor Power 9 TiTeam EffortJoint 13th
EsperTeam RocketJoint 13th
Baphomet Team HellJoint 13th
mantisTeam RocketJoint 13th
Fling MustachioHyperventilating Facial Hair (team HFH)
Rented for the roboteer's pleasureTeam Phyte
Having Big Dreams But No Realistic Way To Achieve ThemTeam Panoramic
Ripper 2Team Leo
Boink?!Team Oink