Antweight World Series 57 (2019-02-23) Results

EventAntweight World Series 57
Showing 61-80 of 102 items.
Robot NameTeamPosition
At 'emTeam Biscuit
Super Nintendo ChalmersTeam Panoramic
Neglected WIFEWe're new to this
The Pushbot From MarsTeam Lima
Manta RayTeamScrewUp
MadhouseTolerable Music & Robotics
I’m Going To Hit Your Face, With My FaceThe Planks
Spin Crazyteam crazy bots
VampireTeam Zero
Error.3XEThe New Robot Order (NRO)
AWG CrimpetTeam Antivate
why even botherRunaway Robotics
BulletproofTeam Hell
P.O.W (plank of Wood)team crazy bots
out of micro:trolSisterhood of Steel
We need to think of a Firestorm pun Barry?We're new to this
Killbo StabbinsTolerable Music & Robotics
Nemesis Mk 2Team Roland