Antweight World Series 57 (2019-02-23) Results

EventAntweight World Series 57
Showing 21-40 of 102 items.
Robot NameTeamPosition
Omg It’s THE Tom BrewsterTeam Panoramic
Bzwroink...Team Oink
Doktor Power 9 StretchTeam Effort
Li'l Voink>>, \Pigsty/ and their Piggy Pals (Cluster)Team Oink
The Articulated RampsterTeam Antivate
Having Big Dreams But No Realistic Way To Achieve ThemTeam Panoramic
RunawayRunaway Robotics
Plan BTeam Risky Biscuit
For Fox Sake!Team Azur
Test Your MetalDRT_Carlos
High Density Wedge Bot (HDWB)Team Roland
SmackdownTeam FF
EyesorasaurusSisterhood of Steel
PiedPurpleAntEaterTeam Termite
Angory BoBThe New Robot Order (NRO)
Termite Cluster (Cluster)Team Termite
ValkyrieTeam Zero
CombatantTeam Termite