Antweight World Series 57 (2019-02-23) Results

EventAntweight World Series 57
Showing 1-20 of 102 items.
Robot NameTeamPosition
Doktor Power 9 TiTeam Effort1st
Boink?!Team Oink2nd
I Can't Believe It's Not StanleyTeam Shakey3rd
Devious Plot (Cluster)Team Effort4th
StewieTeam HellJoint 5th
Ant RatchetLimpetJoint 5th
Ripper 2Team RoboticsJoint 7th
Wedge Wedge Wedge (Cluster)Team ShakeyJoint 7th
Jammie & Dodger (Cluster)Team-GJoint 9th
JaxpannaLimpetJoint 9th
The Tim Rackers ExperienceTeam TauronJoint 9th
Potential UpliftTeam EffortJoint 9th
RBMK (Walker)Team ZeroJoint 13th
DominusTeam RocketJoint 13th
Vanguard Mk 2Team Risky BiscuitJoint 13th
Mr FliplingTeam ShakeyJoint 13th
Yeetus and Retreatus, haha yeah man, chad. (Cluster)Team Azur
Yoink!Team Oink
Rented for the roboteer's pleasureTeam Phyte