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Events 21

Ant Freeze 53 Feb 2018Antweight
Ant Freeze 62 Feb 2019Antweight
Antweight open 201912 Oct 2019Antweight
Antweight open 312 Nov 2016Antweight
Antweight World Series 49 - Coventry30 Apr 2016Antweight

Robots 799

Robot NameTeamClass
Team BadgerAntweight
:)Digital CircusAntweight
"Previously at AWS, I broke Antlog"Team Siberian WarlordsAntweight
(Dont spin on my) Blue ABSuede ShoeWe're new to thisAntweight
[...] Chickens From Outer Space!Team Picus TeleroboticsAntweight

Teams 215

HugoIsOnFireProcrastination Robotics
OccashokkaTeam Badger
mole55Trotzdem Robotics
suvvsuvv industries