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Events 24

RoboShowdown10 Aug 2019Antweight
DRC Sumo24 Nov 2018Antweight
Dorset Robot Championships (Antweight)24 Nov 2018Antweight
BotFest 425 Apr 2020Antweight
BotFest 314 Sep 2019Antweight

Robots 917

Robot NameTeamClass
Where are we going?Team UnstableAntweight
When I Grow Up, I Want To Go To The Moon!NutsFleaweight
Wheely Small Cheese(1/2)x(Rust In Pieces)Antweight
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?What are we doing here?Antweight
What Are We Doing With Our Lives??P2Antweight

Teams 243

team_antivateTeam Antivate
PanoramicHarryTeam Panoramic
EpicentrEEpic Robotics