Antweight World Series 53 - Entrants

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Group 3
Floor Pound 82Team BadgerOut
Ant RatchetLimpetOut
Why Do I Hurt All OverTeam PanoramicOut
Jigsaw 64Team Picus TeleroboticsOut
Why WaitNutsOut
AnticideTeam GeekOut
TenebrousTeam HecticOut
The Tim Rackers ExperienceTeam TauronOut
Locking Wheel NutsP RoboticsOut
Group 4
BarricadeBolts & JoltsOut
Test Robot, Please IgnoreTeam ShakeyOut
Trigger 2Team RoboticsOut
ROBOX GTTeam EffortOut
Ant DimitriLimpetOut
Baby HellTeam HellOut
I Never Asked For ThisQuantax DynamicsOut
SnappucinoSnappy RobotsOut
Bzwroink...Team OinkWinners' Bracket
AWG CrimpetTeam AntivateOut