Antweight World Series 60 - Entrants

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Group 5
This Robot Meets the CA/B Forum Regulations on CertificationTrans-Cendant RoboticsOut
Ripper 2team-roboticsOut
Yeetus and Retreatus, haha yeah man, chad.Team AzurOut
Jammie & DodgerTeam-GOut
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtliteam forgotten godsOut
Why WaitNutsOut
The Wrong TrousersWomboticsOut
QuasarSprocket RoboticsOut
ValkyrieTeam ZeroOut
Because I Can: RecycledDigital CircusOut
Baphomet Team HellOut
Track me if you canenter team name hereOut
Fling MustachioHyperventilating Facial Hair (team HFH)Out
Killbo StabbinsTolerable Music & RoboticsOut
PolycarbonantTeam AntiquarianOut
Group 6
Little Kit IVTeam FoxfireOut
ZeroTeam ZeroOut
Not the faceOptimismOut
Ant RatchetLimpetOut
Team Phyte's Little SytesTeam PhyteOut